Every woman whose been on a diet knows this pattern. Lose weight fast whilst being very strict on diet, start getting bored, cheating a little, stopping and gaining more weight than you originally started with. Nothing more heartbreaking when you felt like you’ve put in so much hard work, but that’s the thing it’s a diet. It’s not meant for long term use. A lifestyle change however is what will help you lead a healthy and fit longer life and it’s only as I approach my nearly 30s ( im currently 27) that I’ve learnt this.

So let’s first look at the diets I’ve attempted in the past!

Atkins.. low carb high protein, pros are that you lose weight quickly. Cons are you have constant carb cravings and feel lethargic and suffer headaches.

Cambridge diet… Shakes and meals.
Pros are quick weight loss
Cons are you WILL gain back everything very quickly when you begin to eat normal food. It is too low calorie to exercise on and it will make you ill. Always felt hungry and it made me depressed.

Raspberry ketones
They actually do nothing at all. What a waste of money. Please do not buy into Faddy diet pills if it was that easy everyone would be skinny by now? Think about it.

Alli fat blocker pills from the doctors or chemists.
Do NOT take these. Not only will you Poo out bright orange liquid fat out your anus like a cannon and you risk seriously pooping yourself in public, but these can make you seriously ill. I was put on these before I become seriously ill and the doctors think this was a big contributor to it. So please please please take with absolute caution.

Weight watchers.
Simply did not work for me.
Microwave food is not enjoyable and I would cheat all the time on this diet.

All about W8
Another Faddy shake diet with sachet food. Very much like the Cambridge.

5:2 diet.
This doesn’t work for me. Might for you but doesn’t for me
I can’t eat what I like on a normal day with out calorie control and portion control and then practically starve myself the next day. It’s impractical for me and as I exercise daily I need more than 500cals a day to survive on.

Calorie counting
Whilst this is a good tool this by itself is not enough. You want to not only be logging those calories but using the calories the most efficient way you can with carbs, proteins and fats. 1200 of mcdonalds a day and 1200 of vegetables a day which do you think your body is going to prefer?

slimming world.
Now this for me was the best out of the diets before my current plan.
It helped me shift about 7.5 stones and it was easy to follow.
You make food from scratch and you get a Syn allowance daily. No calorie counting and easy to follow if you eat out a lot. For some one who had a lot to lose and was addicted to junk this worked perfectly for me until I reach 13.7 stones. After that I couldn’t stick to it properly I was cheating myself and I still wasn’t eating right. Slimming world encourages treats, muller lights and canderal, these contain aspartame which I am very very weary of. Everything processed is laden with hidden sugars, fats and chemicals which worry me. What will the long term affects be? Cancer is on the rise, obesity is on the rise, our diets definitely have some part to play with these rising figures this is why I now eat clean.

Which bring us to our next page ….