So to start with let’s go through some lovely old FAT photos of me. They make me cringe so much now looking back but at the time I couldn’t see how large I was and I wouldn’t acknowledge how unhappy I was. I had body dysmorphia. The way thin people think they are fat, I had the opposite! I really believed I was smaller than I was! It was until I looked a photo and really sat down and broke down that I accepted how big and unhealthy Id become. I had denied my size for so long and the weight had piled on and on without me taking much notice until BANG it suddenly hit me and the realisation crept over me. I was 21 stones, morbidly obese, my exercise routine consisted of walking to the fridge to gorge on unhealthy food. My idea of healthy eating was a six pack of crisps in a day as as long as I had a side salad Id be okay. I was easily eating over 3000 calories a day.
A whole bar of galaxy would be demolished by myself in one sitting. A dominoes large pizza with starters too wouldn’t be a problem to demolish either.
So let’s get the horrible and heaviest part of my life out the way first. Enjoy!





Before any one judges and mistakes me for a fat Chinese man, please note I did have a rare blood condition TTP/HUS which caused my liver and kidneys to fail. I was in intensive care for a while and very nearly lost my life. In the photos I appear very bloated in the face partially due to just being fat and also partly due to being on a very high dosage of steroids to keep me alive. They told me this condition would always have to be monitored incase it comes back. 6 years on I’m happy and healthy and I’ve had no medical problems.. The futures looking good 🙂





Also apologies for any bizarre poses. I was young and rather silly back then!