I’ve decided that as I enjoy working out and eating clean I should write a blog with my daily eats incase anyone’s interested in any of my recipes etc.
In the past I weighed 21 stone. I was 20 years old, obese and very unhappy. I spent the best part of 6 years being fat, ill and unfit. I nearly died through a rare blood condition and was on steroids for over a year but through hard work, healthy eating, many a diet fad and exercise I’ve managed to get down to 12 and half stones and although I’m happier now and my immune system is so much better. The goal is 12 stones but a strong lean body is a must. I go to the gym daily and attend classes as well as eating as clean as I can. This is my journey and even if helps one person see that whilst the journey is long to lose weight the healthy way… It can be done. :-).

Before we encourage others to believe in themselves, first we must believe in ourselves