I love a Friday, start of the weekend and also our food shop day. Am I the only person that genuinely enjoys food shopping and packing my fridge full of food? I hate doing it with the children in tow, I like to relax and throughly look through everything I’m buying. I don’t spend massive amounts for our family of four, plus two cats so on average it’s between £50/£80 and that’s with lots of fresh meats and veggies. People always use the excuse it’s expensive to eat fresh, but would you rather have nutritious dinners then a microwave one? And most the time it’s not really that much more expensive as REAL foods will fill you up more thus eating less in the long run!
Here was my clean shop this week.



As you can see lots of lovely salad and veggies all fresh I refuse to buy pre packed salads as they are washed in God knows what first. I like food in its most raw state. Tonight’s dinner will be


How amazing does that look.
Off to spinning class first though will let you know tomorrow how this turned out!
Also hit my goal today of size 12 jeans. I’ve had a pair of real tight size 12 jeans that have taunted me from my cupboard for the last year but today was the day I defeated them at last! I shall wear them to death proudly haha!
Have a great weekend 🙂