So yesterday was a good day eating wise but exercise wise I felt very weak, I did a body pump express class… For people who don’t know what this is, it’s a low weight, high rep class to music and works all your muscle groups. I usually do the hour class but teamed up with cx worx which is pretty much core work that’s enough! I find cxworx really hard. My core just isn’t that Strong. This half an hour class is pure torture, but I struggled through anyway. Then I went to gym and did some cardio and leg work.
Here is yesterday’s breakfast.

Left over frittata from dinner the night before with curly lettuce and cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese it’s simple, low cal and high protein.
The recipe for the vegetable frittata is this

It was amazing to eat and made 4 big portions.
Lunch was a simple dish again high protein. I try and get a lot of protein better as I find it helps with my energy levels and my ADHD. The mind fog I sometimes get doesn’t seem to bad after a high protein meal. So here is lunch’s offering.

My favourite food at the moment is fried black eyed beans then mashed. It makes for a filling snack and is yummy I usually fry it up with some olive oil and add some black pepper and sea salt and a dash of lemon juice. Also in my dish is of course cottage cheese, 5 olives, tin of tuna, cucumber, 3 cherry tomatoes and a boiled egg white. It’s always handy to boil up a load of eggs for snacks at the beginning of the week. Also making home made hummus is another great snack with some celery.
Dinner was amazing.
Chicken cooked slowly over the day in the crock pot with some stock. Then after the chicken is cooked take out and start shredding off the bone.
Heat a pan with olive oil and chuck the chicken in with what ever spices you want and cook up until slightly crispy. I had aubergines, courgettes, spinach and broccoli stir fried as a side for my dish. It was delicious and very filling.

I always have big portions otherwise I get really hungry before bed. But it’s always measured and logged into the calorie app i use.
Snacks were a naked Pecan Pie bar. I love these bars because they are all natural and taste great. They come in so many different flavours. They even do a Christmas pud flavour! My favourite is the cocoa orange at the moment.

You can buy a box of 4 for £2.70 which seems costly but I would spend that on 4 chocolate bars in the past so to me Id rather spend that on my Naked bars. In Waitrose at the moment they are doing 2 for £1 so snap them up! Always bulk buy when you can.