So it’s 9am and I’ve already been pretty productive.
Bacon and grilled cheese sandwich for the hubby to be breakfast,
a healthy mashed avocado on toast topped with egg whites scrambled and a gingerbread herbal tea. The new twinnings herbal teas are amazing and very festive tasting. I bought them all!
My favourite is the gingerbread one then the caramelised Apple. Give them a try! Much healthier than a costa 😉
Tonight’s dinner offering is balsamic beef in the slow cooker as we are going out this morning to do body combat, gym and swims.
It’s my partners first time doing body combat and I hope he enjoys kicking butt as much as I do. Men don’t seem to like classes as much as women unless it’s a spinning class, I asked Gary why and he said it’s because sometimes the routines are hard to follow and he feels silly and also that it’s a woman thing going to class!? A woman thing? Personally I don’t think so. I just think some men prefer to show off in the weight room like they do at my local gym David Lloyds! You see them peacocking about the gym with their guns out, waltzing about pride pouring out their chests. Bless them. Anyway I suppose it doesn’t matter if your a gym bunny or a class addict as long as your exercising that’s all that matters 😉 have a super Saturday