Today has been a day of success!
Firstly the hubby to be enjoyed the body combat. It was a great class, new routine so only burned 640 calories but a great bit of cardio for the morning. I love the mix of fighting and music gets all the weeks frustrations out.
Lunch today was something different bit more carby than I usually go for but still absolutely delicious.
I bought the pesto that’s all natural and clean from our local health food shop. It is quite pricey at nearly Β£4 but there’s enough for three dinners, so it’s worth it. Also I purchased some wholewheat spaghetti. So here are our lunches for today.




Our youngest has been quite poorly today so we've spent the afternoon napping and baking. I made another batch of my oaty chocolate balls (heaven!) and attempted a new treat. Cocoa banana bread but clean style πŸ˜‰
Here are the ingredients and method below and my baked goods πŸ™‚





Totally yummy and moist and not too unhealthy for a quick treat. I would say they are about 128 calories for the banana bread slices each and the oaty balls are 103 calories each. Well worth it though.

Dinner was a success too.
Slow cooker balsamic beef




All in all a great day on the food front. Just sat with henna in my hair until 9 then an early night ready for spinning and body pump tomorrow morning πŸ™‚
Hope everyone’s had a great Saturday.