Today is a stressful day
A lot of things in my personal life have been going wrong today but never the less I still am pushing through and won’t let it get to me. When I used to get upset I let everything get to me and ended up eating my feelings. I would actually eat the entire contents of my fridge and binge until the point of feeling sick just to try and make myself feel better. Which I can tell you didn’t help. It always made me feel worse. These days I’m learning that when I’m stressed do not turn to food or smokes just think about what your doing and chill or go out and exercise. That always helps.
So today is my mums 50th we are going to Zizis restaurant which looks amazing. I’ve already decided on the main course I want and they have a lot of clean options which surprised me! I’ve been out to the gym this morning instead of lying in. I did a 45 min spin class which was hard. 570 calories burned so well worth it. Then followed a body pump class for an hour. I burned 363 calories. I love body pump. High reps really help me tone up. I always use the highest weights I can and push myself whilst still maintaining my form.
I would say body pump and combat are my favourite classes at the moment.
Today’s breakfast was very simple. I didn’t want to eat too much as was exercising hard. So here is my cocoa powder,banana, peanut butter and pea protein shake with added coconut milk.

Was yummy and I love that glass. I have a thing for moustaches šŸ˜‰
Lunchtime was a seafood mix with spinach, black olives,mozzarella and half an avocado. Simple and small as I want to save my calories for tonight’s feast and a large glass of red wine.
Have a great Sunday… I hate Mondays they always come around so quickly ….