Monday comes around so quick. I am definitely not a Monday morning person. I have had a poorly toddler all weekend and I haven’t managed to get down to the gym for my normal body pump class. :-/ so I shall work out tonight with Julia Buckleys book the Fat Burn revolution. It’s full of workouts and advice. She’s a journalist and a personal trainer so its a great read so far.


Today’s dishes
Breakfast was scrambled egg, half a slice of wholemeal toast with a mashed avocado, spinach with chillis and garlic and some salad.


Lunch was something new I tried.
Tuna mixed with avocado and greek yogurt, onions, olives, lime juice all mixed up in a bowl and placed on lettuce leaves and some side salad.

Was really yummy. Will definitely be having this again. I love avocados!
Snacks for today were
Banana topped with peanut butter and strawberries and 2 grapes.


Dinner time was a roast dinner clean style minus the cheeky Yorkshire pudding I had but sometimes we have to allow ourselves the odd naughty food or Id never stick to the clean eating lifestyle.


Hoping for my little cheeky to be better tomorrow so I can kick some butt in body combat :-). Happy Monday people.