So today I was feeling pretty lethargic and under the weather so I dragged my sorry butt to body combat which was good. The teachers mixed it up a little and I’m not so keen on the new one. I feel like I can’t work as hard when I don’t know the routines! 600 calories burned. I then decided to stay and stretch out in body balance which was 238 calories. I got home started feeling better and tackled Julia Buckleys Fat Burn revolution I did 2 days of the workouts as I was feeling fit. It consisted of weights, burpees ( I hate them actually hate them!) press ups.. I never been able to do a proper one always on my knees but today I did a full one! Yay. I actually did 80 but on my knees ones instead, some step ups and planks. I don’t mind planks I can do them for about 3 mins now which is improvement from 6 months ago.. I couldn’t even do like 10seconds.
So I’m getting there slowly haha.
Has anyone else completed this exercise programme?

I was still feeling quite active so then I decided to do an 8 mile run! I was actually surprised how far I went as It was 1. Hammering it down with rain 2. Cold 3. Dark!
It’s funny some days I feel like it’s so hard, but other days I just start running and see how it goes and end up doing lots of miles. All depends on my body on the day I guess.

Breakfast was a protein shake, lunch was left over roast dinner from last night and dinner was amazing.