Today I’m feeling down and not so great about myself. Recently my friendship circle has taken a bashing and I’ve cleared out a lot of dead weight I guess.
When I’m feeling low I think so negatively about everything and I am over sensitive about many things.
I feel quite lonely. I have lots of friends but I feel alone. Anyone else ever feel like this?
Any way a good look through my photos and I come across this lovely message on the board my partner wrote for me.

This picture always makes me happy. A little bit of self loving is what’s needed sometimes. Just a person to say something like that can change your day.
So I’m going to have a bath, listen to some music and I feel like everyone should do this at some point in there day…. LISTEN to Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann. It is such a powerful song. Amazing advice and such truthful words originally from a women writing an article in a magazine. Every Time I need to put something in perspective I take five mins out and listen to this.

So go chill out and tell yourself your are worth it and beautiful and take those important five minutes to listen carefully to the words in the song.

Anyone else have any songs like this that can completely turn their mood or day around? Would love to know 🙂 get in touch. X