Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the followers I’ve gained recently it makes my ❤ happy! 🙂 I always follow back. 🙂

Today has been an up and down day.
I haven't exercised today as I felt a bit meh and been super busy, I'm gonna take it as my rest day as its the only day I'm going to get to rest this week. The weekends We spend at the gym when we don't have the girls. I like going to classes with my partner it makes me happy.

So today's breakfast was


Just an egg white omelette with some avocado. Lunch was rushed and just a protein shake with honey, peanut butter, cacao powder and coconut milk, easy and tasty. I always use pea protein instead of whey as I’m trying to be as clean as possible.

Dinner was gorgeous. My partner took me out so I was glad I didn’t use all my calories earlier in the day

I love a mixed grill. I absolutely love meat. I’m such a huge meat fan. Every type I love. So I opted for this without the chips and onion rings and went for some mixed veggies and new potatoes. It was really yummy. I also had some olives to start with 🙂

I forgot to put yesterday’s lunch and dinner on which was also pretty tasty



Aubergine and courgettes with cherry tomatoes and some garlic layered with mozzarella. Was absolutely delicious yet simple. I made enough for lunch and dinner time.


So now today’s coming to an end im going to rest, relax and bathe with this new bubble bath I’ve found will give you a review tomorrow.

Here’s to the weekend tomorrow! Couldn’t come quick enough this week. 🙂