So Friday’s here. Black Friday!
It’s a very american thing we’ve never done it in the UK until last year when suddenly the shops started getting involved, now I love a bargain but do I want to fight others to the death for one. Probably not. Good workout though! Hah. I might go and have a quick browse in boots and sports direct but that’s really it. I have a budget I stick to it and shopping always gets stressful with a toddler. If I was on my own Id bring my punching gloves the lot and get stuck in. Imagine that. Body combatting my way through the boots make up aisle!
Anyway I thought I’d write my blog early this morning as I wanted this recipe to reach you for breakfast as it was delicious and simple!
Eggocado! Amazing.
Cut a large avocado in half whisk up two eggs in a bowl and pour into the hole of the avocado. Top with some pepper, salt, paprika and a touch of lemon juice to stop it from going brown and bake for 15 mins until egg is cooked then top with some mozzarella. Was delicious here’s my attempt. I cooked up some spinach ad garlic with chilli for a side.


Happy bargain hunting people. 🙂 x