So It’s been an indulgent weekend. I’ve tried to be healthy and clean but as we all know moderation is the key.
I’ve had a little bit too much red wine.. But it’s an antioxidant so that’s okay surely! Haha.
I’ve eaten a few naughties, a chocolate cupcake and a fry up my first in 3 months! But sometimes you just got to!
Did all my Xmas shopping and I wish I’d worn a pedometer I reckon I’ve easily walked at least six miles. You’d be surprised how far you go whilst shopping.


On Saturday I went to mexigo which is a fast food mexican I opted for the dish above which was rice chicken and beans was delicious. I love having something different to eat than what I cook at home mixes things up.
Workout wise I have done some gym, some swims, body combat.
Today I’ve walked 3.5miles as the weather was pretty lovely for November



I’ve been naughty and had some nachos for dinner so will be doing my weight and cardio routine in a bit. I feel insanely guilty when I don’t exercise. It’s become addictive. I love the feeling after you’ve finished a work out. It’s the best.
Hope everyone’s had a great weekend. Mondays come round so quick!