So I was kindly sent samples of Clean Iced tea by a company called Virtue Tea. Look them up on Instagram.
They have two flavours of iced tea out at the moment and they are both delicious. It is so hard to find things that are clean and different to drink. As you know from my blogs I only drink herbal teas and water. I’ve been off the fizzys for about three months and feel so much better for it but it can be a bit boring and I’m always looking for something new to try that’s not going to interfere with my clean lifestyle.



Here above are the two flavours they currently do. My favourite was the peach and strawberry as I prefer a more fruity taste than citrus but the lemon was also fantastic. I cannot believe these are clean and taste so great. It’s such a shame they don’t do these in my local food shops but they are branching out all the time to new areas and I will be first in line when it does come to bournemouth! I asked the owner why he thought his product was clean and how he came across it. Here is his reply below

Virtue was inspired by my struggle with weight growing up. Once I lost the
weight in my early teens I decided to stop drinking soft drinks altogether
as the majority of them do you no good whatsoever. Last year when tasting
several ice teas and bubble teas, I looked out for a healthy ice tea and
could not find one. There were mainstream brands selling sugary water and
several premium brands which still had excessive levels of sugar whilst
claiming to be healthy. I spent months testing flavours with consumers and
we reduced our natural fruit sugars to the lowest possible while maintaining
an exceptional taste. Virtue Ice Tea launched a few weeks ago and we are now
in Revital health stores, Partridges, several independent health stores &
cafes, with other exciting stockists on the way and we are about to begin

Is this product considered clean for clean eating fans? Yes definitely, our
drinks are naturally low calorie and we do not use any artificial
ingredients. The sweetness in our drinks comes from fruit extract and
stevia, this keeps our calories low and means the only sugars you find in
our drinks are naturally occurring sugars from fruits, we do not use refined
sugars. We are the only ice tea to add vitamins & minerals and we do this so
consumers gain the benefits of antioxidants from tea, in addition to
essential vitamins (C, B3, B6, B7, B12) and minerals (Magnesium & Zinc). Our
drinks are refreshing and good for you, containing less sugar and calories
than most coconut waters, with much more palatable flavours.

Is this in your opinion all natural and why? Our drinks do not contain any
artificial ingredients. We use natural ingredients and also add Vitamins &
Minerals. Our drinks are naturally sweetened with fruit extract and stevia.

So there you have it not only is it refreshing and delicious but it is also good for you especially with all the added vitamins and minerals in it. Such a great idea and product and I hope they continue to grow and grow. If you see this in your local food shop area buy one!

Thank you to the Lovely people at Virtue tea for sending these.