Considering I didn’t get much sleep last night I feel great! I can’t wait to play some skyrim and have a bath and a relax.
This morning my little one still wasn’t well so I exercised from home. I youtubed a body combat routine which burned 650 calories and then I did some crunches and ab work followed with a quick kettle bell work out for beginners. 450 calories smashed on that. Kettle bells are such a great way to burn calories fast whilst toning. I need to buy some heavier ones. Any one know anywhere that sells them cheaply?
I bought myself a body pump set. A bar with 2x 10kg, 2x 5kg, 2x 2.5kg and 2x 1kg weights perfect for me to use for my body pump sessions at home. I also youtube these classes. I also bought myself a resistance band so I can do cxworx and also a skipping rope for general cardio. Here’s my little home gym

I have my dumbells in the box, I really should get some heavier ones. I have two yoga mats, a step up, resistance band, skip rope, trampette, yoga ball, 6kg & 8kg kettle bells and the weight bar and weights. Not bad for a beginner home gym. No excuses never to work out now!

Moving on to today’s food diary…
For breakfast I had some porridge oats with almond milk. Lunch was easy, quick and tasty

Small wholemeal slices with mashed avocado mixed with greek yog and a boiled egg also mashed with yog and some salt and pepper. It was so yummy. I love eggs and avocados.
Dinner was incredible. I was lucky to get into waitrose at the right time and bagged myself two huge haddock fillets for £3.41! Here was our dinner




Was so filling. I steamed some spring greens and tender stem broccoli for sides and made a cheese sauce which was amazing. If any one wants the recipe just ask me 🙂

Whilst in waitrose I came across two new items that might prove handy in my daily diet.




Not really clean but still wholemeal half the carbs bread. I try and eat very little carbs so this might come in handy. Next item is a Clean eating ice cream with just four ingredients! I can’t believe I’ve found this. So looking forward to trying this. The price was £6 so I hope it’s worth it. Will try it and report back soon 🙂

Hope I get some sleeps tonight. Have a great evening everyone. X