I’ve always loved winter much more than summer. Maybe because I was fat and my layer of whale blubber always kept me warm and every one was wrapped up in jumpers rather than prancing around in crop tops and bikinis which always made me feel self conscious. As I’ve lost weight I’ve learnt a lot of things but two things especially. That layer of fat I had kept me warm and that layer of fat I had made me look young. Fat it’s great for the wrinkles!
Today I feel really lethargic. I don’t know why but I’m gonna go do some cardio and weights to try and get me out of this slumpy mood at home instead of the gym as I can’t be bothered to go to class today and feel like I can really mix it up at home more. Then tonight I go on date night with the man. It’s so important when your parents to have date nights still. To reconnect and remind each other why you fell in love. Soppy I know.
That’s my other half in the photo below. We are getting married in March in Jamaica.

Yesterday’s dinner was a healthy roast turkey breast with sweet potatoes roasted and veggies.



Every time I feel like not working out I force myself to look at this photo


And suddenly like magic I feel like getting off my arse and working hard.
Haha like magic isn’t it. What’s your motivation?