Man I hate Sunday’s! Knowing it’s going to be another 5 days until Friday!
Saturday My partner and I went to body combat and smashed it. I’m burning less calories in class but working just as hard maybe because I’ve become fitter it’s harder to shift them? Went for a family swim afterwards then went home and gutted the flat and the loft. It was a mammoth task and took 4 hours. Wish I’d worn my heart rate monitor would of been interesting to see just how many calories were burned through this. The Christmas tree is finally up though and it’s looking pretty 🙂

No tinsel though. I hate tinsel. Itchy and gets everywhere and with two cats as well it’s going to get ruined.
I don’t even feel Christmassy yet.
Anyways dinner was a indian but I tried to stick to the better foods. Mixed grill salad and sag aloo rather than rice and a naan!

Was delicious. Normally I’d cook but after all that gutting I just didn’t have it in me.
Sunday I woke up early for my spinning class. Burned 620 calories which is my highest burn in that class so far. So chuffed with that. I really did push myself. I never thought I’d say this but I really enjoy spinning. Massive butt ache though. Must invest in some booty padding 😉
I didn’t have breakfast but instead I had my salmon, poached egg and spinach combo for lunch.

Dinner was aubergines, courgettes in the air fryer topped with some mozzarella, cherry toms and some roasted turkey breast.

I did a twenty minute kettle bell class following fitness blender on YouTube again and treated myself to some hanky panky chocolate ice cream from booja booja.
They only sell this range in Waitrose and they do two clean ice creams in my waitrose, they actually do five but I’m yet to get my hands on them and some chocolates in boxes. I’m yet to try them. I’m not normally an ice cream lover and since eating clean I’ve avoided all things like this… Until now. This could be dangerous. 500ml in a tub and its £6 a tub which yes is expensive, but to me worth it. There’s 127 calories per 100ml which is a lot less than normal. It’s really really really delicious. Tastes just like Ben and jerrys but without all the naughty sugars and things all clean and natural ingredients. They only use four ingredients

Anyways if your on a diet or clean eating give it a go. You will love it and feel less guilty for eating it then other naughty stuff.

Ive got two weeks until my partners work do so I’m stepping up the exercise and eating. I’ve booked myself into a class everyday next week to ensure I keep on track and I might add in some weight routines at home just to add some extra burns in. 🙂

Monday:- body pump (1hr) and some home cardio (30 mins)
Tuesday:- body combat (1hr) and body balance (1hr) maybe a run in the afternoon (5km)
Wednesday:- zumba (50 mins) and spinning (45mins)
Thursday:- body pump (30mins) and cxworx (30mins) Thursday morning cardio (30mins)
Friday:- triathlon group cycling (45mins) morning will do some kettle bells (30mins)
Saturday:- body combat (1hr) followed by gym (30mins and a 15 min swim)
Sunday:- spinning (1hr)
So really going for it. Wish me luck!

Just a question for anyone whose clued up on macros etc, what should my macros be? Any tips would be great 👌

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Peace out! 😉