Today I’ve really tried to lower my carbs I keep eating too many over the last week and it’s the time of the month and I’m craving them more. Pesky carbs. I only ever eat good carbs like wholemeal ones but still nothing beats a slice of toast with some almond butter. Yums.
This morning I knew I had a body combat class and a balance class straight after so i opted for my half carb bread I bought from Waitrose with some almond butter. I cannot eat eggs on the morning of an intense cardio workout as I find it just repeats on me in class and actually makes me feel sick.
I did my classes and burned 870 calories and chugged my pea protein shake as I got home.

Lunch was scrambled egg whites with one whole egg in there too, some salmon, 5 cherry tomatoes and half an avocado.

Has anyone else noticed just how bloody cold it’s gotten. I don’t have that massive spare tyre of fat to keep me warm so I’ve had to wear extra layers this year. Being fat was actually pretty handy for that!

Dinner was chicken, cabbage, aubergine, courguette with mozzarella grated.


Gross as it is I haven’t been a regular at the toilet recently. Maybe I need to up my fiber? Any suggestions?

Tonight’s strength training will be a kettle bell work out with my partner as it’s easy to do together in the front room when the kids are in bed. I like exercising together makes me feel like part of team.

Exciting times… Tesco my arch nemesis for trousers as they’re always ridiculously tighter than other shops actually fit me today. A pair of size 12 skinnys. So I’m pretty pleased with that. The number on my scales hasn’t changed much but my clothing feels different again. I must be shaping up and gaining muscle and losing fat. I won’t let the scales rule my weightloss journey.


Right I’m off to go kettling
Have a great Tuesday. πŸ™‚