Hannah:- The most laid back, easy going girl I know. She’s a perfect best friend for a bossy boots like me. She’s loyal and giving. She cares for me, my girls and my partner. She is a real member of our family. Baby Bubbins. She is part of my family I’ve chosen for myself. She will be my life long friend. She tolerates me better than most. She won’t hesitate to tell me when I’m being annoying ;). She is hard working and thoughtful. She lacks affection at times but I always force it out of her. I love her. She is the best. 💚


Peta:- Peta is wise and understanding.
She is always full of positivity and always has wise words to share with me. She keeps me grounded and I trust her completely. She isn’t two faced and I feel like I can tell her anything. Although she’s the newest addition to my friendship group she is also another life long friend for me. She is sympathetic and encouraging. Her partner Nick and my partner Gary get on too, and we like to do things as couples which is nice. We make a great team and will embark on a tough mudder assault course next year together. I’m proud of far Peta has come with her weight loss and we spur each other on. Peta, thank you. X 💗


Claire:- although she lives further away than the others, I always talk to Claire. Whether it’s just a call or text, we are always in touch. Claire is a great listener and we always vent to each other. I know she will always have my back and tell me when she thinks I’ve stepped out of line. She is a bossy boots like me but we manage to keep a balance in the friendship. Her partner alan is also a friend of Gary’s and I and their little girl “bear” we consider to be our niece. They are my extended family. I love them all. ❤️




Stephanie:- my younger sister. She is my sister and becoming one of my best friends. I will always be here for her to guide her and offer her my advice. She is so funny, the funniest person I know. She is on the same level as me and has my personality traits but none of my bad parts. She is sweet and kind. She is incredibly clever and talented. I am so proud of her. She will go far. She always sticks up for me, no matter if I'm wrong or right. I love spending time with my sister. We've become close. 💜


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And last but certainly not least

Gary:- my partner, my rock, my everything. Without him I would crumble. He holds this family together and is an incredible man. I love with my whole heart. He is an amazing father and an amazing friend. I get stressed easily and he will always take that stress on to make things easier for me. He is kind, patient and understanding. He is funny and playful yet we are the polar opposites of each other. He takes me with all my bad bits and loves me regardless. The greatest man I know who is my partner and my best friend. I love him. 💛 Mr Bubbins.



I have a lot of special people in my life but these people have crossed my mind today. You make friends and they become part of your extended family. Friendships are very important. Always make time for them.