What a roller coaster week it’s been emotionally. Thank god it’s Friday. Drinks with the girls tonight and a dance is just what’s needed. Tonight I take a break from everything for a few hours and am just going to enjoy the company of my close friends. ❤️

Are you a bad influence? What even is a bad influence. As a person you make your own decisions in life and what path you choose to follow. Others can steer you but only you can truly choose what path you go on. People like to blame others for the behaviours and actions of others, an excuse if you like to justify a change in someone else’s behaviour. Recently this Bad influence term has been used to describe me. Hence why I’m bringing this up. An ex friend i fell out with recently probably the most selfish person in my friend group at the time had the nerve to call me a horrible influence to her and her children.
To this I had to laugh. Was i horrible influence when your children needed looking after whilst you went out for drinks? Was I horrible influence when I came to your house and cleaned your sons urine stained bed? Was I horrible influence when I stood by your side even when you broke down. No. Funny how people are quick to forget all the things you do for them.
Another person whose pulled this word out recently is my own mother. From my last blog I’m sure you can see that currently things are not good in our relationship. What little relationship we have. There seems to be a power struggle she has created herself for control of my sister. She likes to limit our time together says that I am a bad influence. If encouraging her to not stick up for me and keep the peace at home to make her life easier is a bad influence then I don’t know what planet she is on.
She has absolutely no right to judge me, whilst she does not know me. She thinks she knows me from the past. This year has been the biggest year of change for me. I finally grew up and took responsibility for my past and became a more positive person. I live a cleaner lifestyle, I exercise daily and I try to keep positive. I encourage my sister to think positively and would never try to influence her. She is a person in her own right and I love her for it.
Anyway.. Just for the record. I AM NOT A BAD or HORRIBLE INFLUENCE. 😡

Vent over 😉


Clean eating:-
This week has been okay. I’ve stuck to my aims and upped my exercise. My body is sore and I will rest in Sunday. The more emotional I am the more it Spurs me own to get strong.
Here are some of the meals consumed this week.





Nothing too exciting and glam this week I’m afraid just the basics. Will try and spice it up next week. Sometimes the most simple meals are the best. 👌

Tonight I will be on the Red wine. I’ve found this in my local home bargains…

£3 a bottle and only 55 cals a small glass. Will report back once I’ve tasted it. Anyways have a great weekend all.
The weekend starts here. 👍

MASSIVE THANKS to everyone that follows me and the comments I get. Really Spurs me on with my writing. You lot are awesome. Thank you. Xx