So it’s that time of year again when my face likes to work against me and decides that I shall be having spots for the xmas work party and the whole of the xmas season. Now I’ve tried everything.

Face masks
Spot lotions
Cleansing, toning
Special soaps
Doctors medicated creams
Picking them to death
I’ve even had facials to try and reduce the redness and the amount on my face in time for the Xmas party but nothing really helps.

It can really destroy your confidence when you have a chin full of spots for an important event. When I heard about the new Dream Dots I was straight on the sample asking case and they were happy to oblige. They sent me a full size packet of 24 that I have used religiously for my big ones!



And I love them. They really do help. No gimmicks needed. Here are my photos.


Whilst there is no miracle cure for spots these really did help reduce size and redness. I was able to cover them with makeup enough to barely see them. The photos above were just after one night, by the second night of use they had reduced dramatically and the third day they had gone completely.
Here is the skin on the third day.


The photos don’t lie. They really do work. Thank you so much for my sample. If you want to try some for yourself go to their site
They are definitely worth the money if you have something important coming up.
Highly recommended. #dreamdotsforspots on Instagram šŸ™‚ follow them.