It’s 5am my youngest is up already and poorly and I can’t get back to sleep so thought I would post my weeks eats so far.
Marrow stuffed with Tuna and tomato paste was a yummy addition this week. The cubes of mozzarella topped it off perfectly 👌
I also tried quinoa and chicken spicy flavour in the slow cooker and that turned out well. I put far too much quinoa in and now have it for the next few days lunches haha! I’ve been loving the fish this week too. I love salmon but it’s so expensive so it’s a treat.

Yesterday I decided that I’m going to run my first half marathon next year as well as complete a tough mudder.
I really want to be able to look back one day and say I’ve accomplished such things. I’m more determined then ever as I get ever closer to my 30s to be at my physical peak of fitness.
Anyone got any advice for a half marathon? I can run 9 miles without stopping currently but mentally to get past that will be a challenge for me.
Wish me luck 🙂

Weekends nearly here!!
Aime xx