So Ive worked really hard since September to look good for my partners xmas works do. Not just for the works so, But it was a big thing for me. I wanted to make sure I was looking better and more confident this year as my partner has become a proper partner of the business this year πŸ˜€

Here are the photos of me in the two dresses I wore. I did a BeyoncΓ© change half way through so I could dance properly haha! It’s the best thing about the works do. DISCO and the free wine!





I remember going to my exs work do five years ago big as a whale and everyone staring at me for all the wrong reasons…things like that destroy your confidence for a long time but that night I felt good πŸ™‚

I’ve been clean eating since the start of October and really training hard since then too. I will obviously continue this for life,I hope, but my main goal is my wedding in March. I must be super good over xmas and my birthday and get toned for my dress. I don’t find eating clean that hard. I really enjoy it. I haven’t touched a fizzy drink since October, milk chocolate since October too, and I’m so proud of myself for this. To be a binge eater that was addicted to fizzy drinks and chocolate to go cold turkey is a big thing. After 30 days I didn’t find it too bad and these days I don’t miss it at all.

Clean eating is all about prep work and cooking. Something I also never used to do much and now I love it. I really love knowing where my food has come from and what I’m making is healthy and not full of rubbish and chemicals. Now I’m not a snob and I’m not loaded, but I do love Waitrose. They seem to have such a wide range of products and a lot of nice clean products too. Expensive but my sister works there so I sometimes get a cheeky discount.
I picked up this today from my local waitrose and I’m excited to try it.


I really miss a good hot chocolate on a cold winters day and now I can have one. Happy days.

Had my low carb toast this morning with mashed avocado and scrambled egg whites.


Went shopping with my little sister Stephanie and we stopped in subway for lunch I stuck to the healthiest option

Turkey salad

Dinner time was a wrap version of the chicken and turkey quesadilla with ranch dressing.


All in all a pretty healthy day πŸ‘
I haven’t exercised much today but I did walk an awful lot round the shops so I’m going to count this as my exercise for today. I literally haven’t stopped and also I need to be fresh and ready for PT training session tomorrow. I’m going to be heavy weight squatting and hitting the heavy weights room. Wish me luck I have a feeling tomorrow I’m going to be sore!

Have a great week
Aime x