This is how I feel right now! Christmas stress normally equals desserts but not this year. I’m going to ensure I exercise daily over the festive period. I ran a 5km today and then did a body pump video on YouTube I felt my thighs rip on the squat track but I love that feeling. Grow new muscles, GROW!!! I want to be ripped this time next year πŸ’ͺ
I skipped breakfast as I was running late for taking my partner to work this morning. He’s fractured his arm and I’m currently the family taxi driver. I never skip breakfast ever. I felt so bad 😦 lunch was a quick one from Marks and Spencer’s. Salmon and prawns with lentils. Dinner was lovely… Waitrose reduce a lot of things after seven at night and I’m managed to pick up some lovely pork and Gruyere escalopes for 99p for two! Bargain. Mixed it up with some roasted veggies and a boiled egg.


Nearly finished all my wrapping.. One less stress to contend with. So much wrapping for seconds of ripping, it’s all worth it for the kids though isn’t it. πŸ˜€
My Christmas tree has taken some what of pounding this year and currently is bare as this has occurred all month… Normally it’s a partridge in a pear tree. Nope just my cat in my bloody Christmas tree instead!


Made myself a mug of that hot chocolate I posted yesterday and it didn’t taste great. I don’t know if I’ve not done it right or its meant to be a sort of grim looking consistency but it didn’t taste good 😦 will try again tomorrow, for now I will settle for the chocolate oaty balls I made last night. πŸ‘Œso addictive.

Much love.
Aime x