So I’ve upped my water intake slightly to ensure I’m fully hydrated at all times, yes I now pee a lot but I feel better for it. The photos of me before xmas are the ones in the purple sports bra and the other one is the one taken today. I’ve actually lost belly weight over xmas!?


The second picture I’ve lowered my pants slightly to show my pouch. Yes it’s still there but it’s so much smaller. If I had a tummy tuck Id now have a flat stomach which is really annoying as I have all this excess skin just getting in the way of all my hard work. I hate having to tuck the pouch into the pants it’s the one thing I’d change the most out of my body then my boobs. Everything else I’m quite happy with for now. Losing weight takes time and the odd treat over xmas has seemed to have not done any damage to my diet or body which is good. Doesn’t mean il be pigging out but makes me a little less guilty when indulging in a treat. My favourite treats are tortilla chips plain with some cheese and jalapeΓ±os and my oat chocolate balls. I love peanut butter! I made a fresh batch today… Little pieces of heaven!
Yesterday’s eats were…
Overnight chocolate peanut butter oats
A cup of oats, 200 mls of almond milk, I added my PPB chocolate peanut butter powder mixed them in a jar and left them overnight to soak.


Doesn't look amazing but tasted great and was perfect before my spinning class
For lunch I had

And dinner was a roast. I love a good roast. I swapped normal roast potatoes for sweet potatoes to make it extra healthy. Loaded it with veggies but did treat myself to one yorkshire and one small stuffing ball. Weighed myself this morning and I’m the lowest weight I’ve been since an adult πŸ™‚ happy times.

Quick mention of the Veggetti I love this little thing spaghetti out of courgettes and cucumbers. It’s my new favourite thing. I love pasta but not the bloats and calories it has… With this I can have pesto chicken pasta but with courgette pasta! Amazing. They sell them on Amazon get one I’ve been using mine lots.


Loving my new trainers! I don’t want to wear them out as they’re so beautiful!
Got spinning later tonight and about to take the girls out on a bike ride around the beautiful moors valley we live near. Will do some tracks from body pump tonight.
Got my PT session tomorrow afternoon hitting the heavy weights! I’m hoping for some ripping and repairing to happen this week. I want to be strong πŸ™‚

Have a great day everyone
Aime. Xx

My roast photo didn’t want to upload! So here it is now