Just saying. If your serious about change you shouldn’t wait for a new year to come about to make it. People really don’t stick to New Years resolutions and I find it a joke!
If you want to change…then just do it. Whether it be to get fitter, stronger, quit smoking anything… Why wait all this time and pig out and indulge and cram it all in today then be good from tomorrow? Just bloody start and get on with it. #justsaying πŸ‘






Monday went on a fantastic bike ride round moors valley with my girls and took a spinning class in the evening
Tuesday I did a early morning body pump class and then the heavy weights with my PT in the afternoon. I hate leg presses but im surprisingly good at them πŸ™‚ I went home and ate my body weight in food. Lifting weights makes me so hungry.


We went late shopping yesterday so I went for the healthiest clean option I could. Steamed fish instead of battered and a jacket instead of chips.

Today I went to spinning and then came home and did weighted work. I wanted to push myself today as tomorrow I will be probably i little hungover and use it as my rest day. Red wine time here we come πŸ™‚



Spending the new year with one of my friends Peta, her hubby Nick and all our combined children. Looking forward to it. We normally go out and spend way too much and end up missing the girls so this is a perfect night for us to all be together with the people I intend on spending next year with. πŸ™‚ x
Whatever your doing tonight have fun, don’t set yourself bullshit resolutions and just change when you feel you are ready. No time restrictions!

Happy new year everyone
Aime. Xx