2015 is here. The year I Marry the man of my dreams. I have 10 weeks and 4 days to really step up my game in the gym and really focus on looking good in my dress πŸ‘
So today’s breakfast was

Yes I’m fully addicted to this now. It’s so yummy and clean.
Lunch was made with my Veggetti maker, courgette spaghetti is my absolute favourite thing now. I’ve tricked my brain into thinking I’m actually eating pasta!

I mixed it with some clean pesto I had in the fridge and some cherry tomatoes and some turkey breast for protein.
This afternoon i dismantled our bed, blizted the house, organised through a load of clothes and gave them away then went to the gym to see my trainer Claire for 1 to 1 boxing. It literally killed me. I didn’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t to be as tiring as that! It was mental. I burned 500 calories in the 40 mins we did and boy do my arms ache. Like really ache. I’m definitely going to be practising with my gloves and pads at home now. My bingo wings felt like they were going to flap off and fly away. (I wish!)
I also did my heavy weight routine after. I can leg press 140kg which isn’t too bad for someone with bad knees. (Overweight for years will hurt your knees you have been warned!) I did some chest rows, deadlifts and chest presses. I’m going to aim to do this three times a week as well as all my classes. Body pump and combat are all booked in for next week as well as my usual spin classes. I must go out for a run! Haven’t tested my new karrimors out yet!!

This afternoon I came across a PT at my gyms new venture. He takes the spinning class I attended last week and boy did I work! He’s opening his own gym and there’s a competition for 12weeks free PT!! Amazing. I’ve emailed in giving the reasons why I think I should win it. I’ve worked hard and continue to push myself every day. I eat clean, I have a wedding coming up and I want to look my best! I couldn’t afford a PT right now what with having to get the wedding all paid up for, but after the wedding it’s definitely something I’m going to look into to get extra strong and lean.
I hope I win. I never win anything πŸ˜’
Positive vibes this way please!!

Dinner was

It’s very quick and similar to my lunch but I added some mozzarella and instead of pesto I used something new from waitrose, Olive tapenade. Never heard of it before but it’s less calories than pesto and made of olives. All the ingredients ticked my clean boxes too! πŸ‘winner. It tasted great.

Whilst in waitrose I also picked up some new products.

A shampoo and conditioner made by tantrum and it was really good. Smells of coconuts and my hair feels great even after one use. Β£2.50 each and definitely something il be sticking to.
The bubble bath is made by the little bubble co and it smelt fantastic. Vanilla biscuit is what I went for, but they do other flavours all really great smelling.
Anyways I’ve just bought the new call of duty and we’ve made the new bed it’s time for a Geek session.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Try boxing. Seriously. I hurt but it feels so good πŸ™‚


ps: how cute is my new bedding! Love a fresh bed.
Also how cute is my pug bath plug.
It’s the little things in life that make this girl a happy Bubbins πŸ˜€