So yes I’m sore. The boxing has made parts of my arm muscle that I never knew existed ache like hell! Worth it but Ouchies. I love the feeling of soreness occasionally as I know I’ve pushed myself or tried something new. Today I did some more boxing with my eight year old as my pad girl. She was actually pretty good and she’s freakishly strong for an 8 year old! Il have some competition on my hands soon. She’s very much an active girl and loves to spur me on.

We cycle together and she manages 8 miles easily and she can run 3 miles along side me too. She really encourages me too when I’m feeling a bit lazy. I love being active with the girls and now I’ve lost the weight I can keep up with them 🙂 that’s one of the main reasons i decided to lose the weight in the first place.
Today’s breakfast was

Spinach, salmon, avocado and a poached egg.
Lunch was

A big salad with feta, olives, Turkey breast and cottage cheese. I’m trying to up my protein and lower my carb intake again.
I went for a 4 mile run this afternoon to break in my new running trainers and ended going on an assault course! I was chased by a horse, fell in a puddle and assaulted by brambles.

Dinner was great my man bought home some steaks so we had a mexican spiced mix up with a side dish of courgettes and aubergines roasted with coconut oil and tomatoes also topped with some mozzarella.


Now I’m in bed trying to resist the urge to snack so keeping busy by playing some computer games with the man.

I was looking at wedding dresses earlier and there’s too much choice!! I like all of these but need to go and try some styles on I think.








All so beautiful but since losing weight and changing shape I’m clueless as to what would look good?
What do my followers think? Which style do you personally prefer and why? It’s so important to get it right for the big day any advice would be great!
Anyways I best go to bed as I’m booked in for a 9am spin class!
Night bloggers 🙂
Aime x