It isn’t funny how even though I’ve lost the weight when I go to the shop I’m still picking out automatically the sizes 18/20 then I have to remind myself I’m now a 12. Every time. I used to hate shopping when I was larger because 5 years ago they didn’t have such great choices for the larger girl. The fashion choices for plus size girls are really good these days. I look back at old photos and think oh my gosh, not only were you fat but absolutely tragic looking in that dustbin bag of a top you were wearing. πŸ™Š

That was once my little black dress. πŸ™€
Nothing little about it! I hate this picture. I couldn’t believe it when my friend tagged me on facebook on it that it was me. I was shocked. What a mess.

I can’t believe I used to go out to the local pubs and clubs in a pair of old jeans and a strap top too!? Being slimmer has helped me up my style game indeed. At least I can look back and laugh hey!
Don’t ever think that just because your overweight now that’s how you always be. You can change if you want it bad enough. I’m proof of that. I never thought I’d be slim again. I never thought I’d see that size 12 in my sights but here I am. If I can do it. So can you. πŸ‘Œ




Yesterday’s food offerings.
Breakfast was amazing. My partner cooked me a sweet potato hash mix up. Love him.
Lunch we ate out with friends so a big carvery lots of veggies and a naughty dessert πŸ™€.
I didn’t have dinner as I was too stuffed!
Have a great day
Aime. X

Me in a size 12 dress I tried on today and bought. Hehe. πŸ™Š

And me as an overweight tiger for my 22nd birthday for comparison. Haha.