It’s that time again where I make my weekly chocolate oat balls. Tried mixing it up with this PPB powdered peanut butter from Hale Naturals. Was chocolate flavoured peanut butter and it was amazing! Even added a touch of coconut oil this time and pea protein powder. These really are amazing as a treat.

Breakfast was a rushed one

Cottage cheese, smoked salmon, spinach and chilli and an egg. I’m trying to get as much protein into me as possible as I find this really helps me get leaner. Carbs do tend to bloat me but I won’t cut them completely otherwise I’d binge. Mega carb monster mode! Dominoes anyone? 🙊

Lunch was a soup made by a friend across the road and this is her recipe for Harj’s lean mean and green clean soup.
1 bag spinach
2 courgettes
1 large bunch of celery
2 small red chillies
1 kal ko low salt stock
1 onion
soften then cook on hob then blitz in blender.
Easy peasy and tasted amazing!

veggie overload! Filled me up too. I normally hate soups minus carrot and coriander but this was amazing. Thanks to Harj.

Today is my rest day as I did my heavy weights routine and feel a bit sore. Got to love it though! I might try and do some yoga later just to feel like I’ve done something as I hate not doing anything. I’m addicted to being fit. Any good videos on the internet for yoga?
I am terribly tight my trainer says and totally rubbish at stretches and balance so this is something I really need to focus on. It’s important to improve this for overall fitness, flexibility and helps with my running and other classes.
I was looking through Instagram today and came across my new inspiration.

What a body! It’s not to everyone’s tastes but this to me is one strong woman and something I would love to achieve. Look at those thighs. Such strength! Incredible.
I’ve been slacking on the running lately as I’m mixing everything up so much.
Combat, boxing, spinning, running, balance, weights, pump it can be hard to fit it all in but I love doing them all! I do however need to cut down on the classes and start building up on the heavy weights to change this shape. Weights do not Bulk women up they make them leaner and change shape. Such a common misconception.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow as its a week until my birthday, I have a spinning class and I have ordered £75 worth of lean meats from the butchers to be picked up tomorrow. I love a bulk buy. I will take a photo of my meat haul tomorrow. Could never be a vegan or a vegetarian I love my meats too much and yes I would kill my own cow to get it! Not that there’s anything wrong with making the choice to go veggie. It’s all about personal preference.
The kind people at Pulsin who I get my pea protein from are sending me over some protein bars to sample and review for them soon. Looking forward to it and this months Birchbox and glossy beauty boxes are on their way.
I love a good beauty box. It’s like a little present to myself every month and a complete surprise as to what you will get.

Anyways I best crack on with the rest of the housework and prep tonight’s lean Turkey burgers.
Have a great day people


Inspiration much!!