Today’s subject is wraps. Now I’m normally incredibly wary of these pyramid sales schemes but my friend KJ has decided to start selling these and the photo is actually her after a few wraps over xmas. I trust this girl as I know her from college and I know she wouldn’t promote something that didn’t work to her friends. There’s no denying that she looks tighter and toned and she claims you will not lose weight. It is simply to go with exercise and eating well, but it seems too good to be true? I’m yet to try one but has anyone else had good results with these.
These are It works wraps, I think and I just wanted every ones opinions on it. Once I try one I will review it with photos as I have a lot of excess skin that needs a little help after a massive weight loss and whilst I’m not expecting a miracle, I am hoping these wraps will help. I’m always game for trying anything that will help my body.if it’s a success I will post her links on my page for everyone else too.
I know the long term result for me will be in tummy tuck surgery but if this can help it’s worth a go right? 👍
Tell me your opinions!!
Aime. X