For years and years I’ve damaged my hair dying it repeatedly until it was in such bad condition it stopped growing completely and just broke off! A couple of years ago I found Lush Henna in CaCa Rouge. It’s natural no nasties and smells like hippies!
Since I’ve been using it my hair is a fantastic red/ginger which is close to my original hair colour and I love how it changes in the light.
I recommend if your hair is fried to give this a go they come in other colours. Brown and black.


It comes in a block of six and I find two cubes covers my hair sufficiently ( I have shoulder length hair ) so for £7 I get three lots of dye.
The way I do my henna is to grate the blocks in a cheese grater and make it into thin granules. I add some cupboard spices such a turmeric and paprika as it makes my colour even more red and vibrant! mix it with boiling hot water and stir it with a wooden spoon until it comes to a sort of muddy consistency like cowpat. I then put it in a pan and put some heat on it the hotter the better it takes to your hair. Please cover everything because this will get messy and also use Vaseline to protect your forehead and ears staining and then I cover my whole head with cow pat like mixture.
(Use gloves)




After covering my head I wrap my head in cling film and a towel to keep the heat in. The hotter it’s kept the more vibrant it will come out for you. I keep it on for two hours and then blast in periodically with the hair dryer for extra heat. After two hours wash it out. It will take ages for the henna to come out so use a lot of shampoo to help it out. Remember to condition well afterwards then dry and style like you normally would. My hair came out so red this time and I’m happy with it. It will get even more redder over the next 72 hours as it oxidises! So if at first yours isn’t amazing it will develop more so do not fear.


Here is my hair it’s still a bit damaged and needs a cut but the colour is so bright! I love it and it hasn’t hurt my hair at all. I would never go back to home dying or bleaches again.
If your running out of options for your damage hair but still need to dye it for your greys or just because you fancy a change definitely give this a go!

👍amazing product.

Not just clean eating but also clean hair! 👌

Here’s my hair eight hours on!