Thank you to everyone yesterday that came by the page. Over 700 visitors and over 1100 views. πŸ‘ great day.

Breakfast yesterday was



2 Chicken sausages. I get these from the local food markets. A farm local to us make these fresh and sell them two packs for a fiver. clayford farm. 85% chicken breast used and quick and easy to pop in my airfryer in the mornings and also a good source of protein alongside eggs for breakfast.
So sausages mixed with scrambled egg whites and one whole egg. Some washed spinach and a tomato. Avocado on the side.

Lunch was



Really simple and not time consuming. Tuna in spring water drained then mixed with greek yogurt and pepper. Some Veggetti courgettes and cucumbers, cherry tomatoes,avocado and some feta cheese. I’m trying to eat as much protein as I can and lower my carbs as I want to start gaining some serious muscle. You’re meant to eat the pounds of weight you are in grams of protein I’ve read somewhere. I do drink pea protein shakes after workouts and when I can’t stomach a big meal or anymore cottage cheese.
I’m going to look into using isolate whey as I know they have some cleaner ones out now.

Body pump class and cx worx class completed and then some heavy leg presses and chest presses. I really love the new release of body pump was a shock to the muscles. I’m slowly adding more and more weights too and my squat form is so much better now. Always focus on your form before adding higher weight, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you! CXworx is a good core workout. It definitely hurts and works. I hate this class but it’s only half an hour and I need to really tone up my core to help my mummy pouch skin so that’s why I go.

Dinner was very light and simple as I couldn’t be bothered to cook much and just downed a protein shake.