My weekend in photos 🙂 still managed to keep quite clean.
The chips I only had quarter of and my partner hates pickles and coleslaw so I swapped my chips with him.

I left the bun as didn’t want to over carb myself. A bit naughty but tried to be good still. Still only stuck to water. No fizzy drinks are ever coming back into my body. Seriously give them up. They are no good for you!




We stayed at a lovely Victorian B&B in Bath called the Cranleigh and the breakfast menu was great. I had scrambled egg and salmon and brown toast the first day with a side of greek yogurt, honey and pineapple. The second morning I asked for them to use 2 egg whites and only one whole egg to make it lighter in fat and no toast but extra tomatoes and mushrooms. I love salmon for breakfast. I also love the cute odd tea pots my green tea came in.

For dinner on the first night we just stayed in our room and ate some tortilla chips and hummus with olives and cheese. The second night we dined at a South American restaurant Las Iguanas
For a starter I had a mango and peach salad with avocado.


Main course was a spicy cooked half chicken with salad. I tried to be good with my eating as I allowed myself some piña coladas and one churro for dessert.

I love cocktails but rarely ever drink them. I only had these as they had coconut milk in and no fizzy with every other cocktail seemed to have in it.
We then went to a cocktail bar and I found a really yummy but odd looking detox cocktail. A healthy cocktail almost!


It actually was made from veggies and had kale in it! Surprisingly lovely to drink too.
Today’s lunch was a bit naughty and I feel bad for it but I’m not having any dinner and I tried to stick to meats more than the carbs

So much meat!! I love meat. This was a sharer and we bought at least 1/3 of it home too as there was so much! Grill stock is an amazing restaurant. Really decently priced and good food. We had chicken, ribs, brisket of beef,pulled pork and a hot dog which we didn’t really like so left. I ate most of the coleslaw and pickles and my partner ate most of the chips. 👍

We went shopping all day Saturday and must of walked miles! Went out for a good 7 hours! So counted that as my exercise for rest day. Tonight we’ve only just got back so I’m going to attempt a home work out. Some body combat and yoga to finish should help get those calories burnt from today!
Also went to the Thermae spa in Bath which has a rooftop mineral pool and steam rooms. I did a bit of swimming around to try and limit the damage too.
Going to have be to be good as gold this week to try and undo the damage of this weekend so will try making some soups to keep the calories down and drinking lots of water.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend.
I did!
Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Here some photos of the spa off the website as we weren’t allowed to take pictures. Unfortunately the lower ground floor was closed today, but the steam rooms were amazing. They had different aromas, my favourite was the lotus flower and ginger room.