Cottage cheese and grapes quick protein hit and also healthy 👍

Today I went for brunch with one of my oldest best friends Sean. We went to Wetherspoons and we ordered eggs Benedict’s. I was a bit naughty and even ate the muffin but considering all im eating later is soup il take that hit! Going to do some body pump at home in a bit as have a poorly girly and can’t make it to the gym. Also going to aim for at least a 4 mile run. I’ve really been slacking lately. :-/ went to primark and bought some size 12 jeans! Yay. With primark I find you always have to go up a size but not today I didn’t. 🙂


Saw these awesome disney princess work tshirts how cool are they! Ariels my favourite princess but I love the weightlifting ones! Amazing.

Found these in my local lidl not entirely clean but healthier than a bag of crisps so gave one a go and it was actually quite lovely. I love hazelnuts.
Tonight’s dinner will be a soup dish again just to undo the last of the damage from the weekend. I got home and had gained 4lbs from Friday to Sunday! Some one had a good time haha! I’ve already lost 2 so only 2 to go to be back to where I was.
Went to get measured for my wedding dress yesterday but typical ladies problems started so will have to wait a week for the bloat to go.
It’s amazing just how much water and weight you hold when your on your monthly period. I can gain up to half a stone some months! Mental. Anyone else seem to gain just before or during? It makes me lethargic and not want to exercise either but it’s probably the best thing for you if you get the cramps! Also helps lighten my mood. I get into super bitch mode the week before and during. I feel sorry for my man. 😂
My glossy box came yesterday and it was a really good one.


Five full sized things! Will review later when I’ve tried them all but this definitely beats the Birchbox I got this month.


It was still quite nice but definitely not as good as the glossybox. If I had to choose between them every month at the moment Glossybox would be the one Id stick by. 👍 the items are generally better and more suited to me and better sized.
Have a good day
Aime. X