Was my 28th birthday yesterday and my partner made me this yummy breakfast. Sweet potato cubes with tomatoes, scrambled eggs made with cottage cheese, mushrooms and some spinach. Was delicious and a great way to start the day.
I went to a CXWorx class followed by an hour body pump class the new releases are quite challenging but good. I’m definitely feeling it today! We then went to the Boston Tea Party for lunch as I had a free meal to claim as last time we went it wasn’t so great. They gave us all our meals for free and drinks too.






Was really delicious and impressed this time. I opted for the sourdough toast with scrambled egg, salmon and avocado. A side of home made tortilla chips and dips. So yummy! I love salmon and I love breakfast dishes.
Here’s a photo of me and lovely daughter there.

She’s so cute. After lunch I went back to the gym for a personal training session. I did an hour kettle bell work and boy was it hard. I used the 20kg for my swings which I found actually okay but my ones at home are only 8kg 😳 so I really need to get some heavier ones for home. We did lots of different moves. The swing, the clean and press, the snatch, some ball work and chest presses. I burned 500 calories just from doing strength work which was really good.

My partner bought me the proper body pump set for my birthday. I love it! No more having to be careful of the weights sliding off each end on my old one. Proper chuffed with them.

For dinner my partner Gary made dinner for myself, my sister, my friend Sean and himself. It was amazing and healthy. Chicken breast with home made burgers, a chicken sausage, sweet potato pieces and a salad we all shared. I added a cheese slice to my burger and a some hummus for sauce. Was delicious.
Afterwards I was a little naughty and had a tiny piece of white chocolate and strawberry cake but it’s my birthday so it’s okay! It doesn’t count. Haha. I also had some Booja booja clean ice cream and a glass of red wine. I also shared some cheesy basic tortillas with my friend Sean. So not mega naughty but just enough to be bloated!



My little sister Steph bought me some ecotools brushes I wanted so chuffed with these. They are the best brushes i have used so far!
Today I had the baked eggs spinach skillet that I love and I’m just going to have soup for dinner as going to an indian restaurant for lunch. I’m going to stick to the tikka dishes and spinach and lentil sides instead of rice to keep it as clean and as healthy as possible 👍
Was a great birthday and can’t wait for Friday when i see all my friends for a couple of drinks and Saturday when I have my pregnant best friend round for a takeaway and film night.

Even my polar had a little cake on the display for my birthday. It made me laugh.

Big News!
A little while back a freelance journalist got in touch and said she would like to take my weight loss story to some magazines and papers well yesterday she said some magazines want to buy my story and use it and also after my wedding she’s hoping to put it in a national newspaper! So pleased. 🙏
Was the icing on the cake to an already great birthday.

Have a great day
Aime. Xx