So it was my birthday this week and my birthday bash Friday night. I always knew I was going to be pretty naughty eating and drinking wise but it doesn’t make me feel any less guilty. I am only human though and I’m straight back on the wagon.
The thing with bad foods are they are addictive. Now I’ve eaten some dominoes I want it again.. Naughty cravings for junk food. It’s the sugars that make it so addictive. I have to go cold turkey! I have 2 months now until my wedding and I am dedicated to exercising and extremely clean as possible. It’s a way of life not just a pre wedding diet. I want to be fit and strong for life. I don’t get ill any more because of the lifestyle I now lead and that’s really important.
Here’s a few photos of my night out.





Was a fantastic night and mainly stuck to red wine and a couple of shots πŸ˜‰ no fizzy drinks though. I will hopefully maintain this for life! So bad for you.


So here’s Thursday’s lunch. I went for an indian with a friend I had 2 poppadoms to start and a mixed grill for my main with an aubergine side dish. I don’t eat rice anymore so the aubergine dish was a really great substitute and half the calories. Mixed grill is just meat marinated in their sauces they use so not too bad.

I had the leftovers from lunch for dinner with some minted beans.

This is Friday’s pre drinking dinner.
Tuna mixed with yogurt and beans, spinach and some salad. I tried to avoid carbs as they make bloat!

I actually felt really good in this dress I rarely wear such daring colours but I’ve decided to try and be more bold in my fashion choices.
I have exercised all week as normal. I’ve done more body pump and even managed a small 3 mile run after a CXWorx class/body pump class. Yesterday was my rest day so today I’ve been good and spent the afternoon on the bikes with the family. We did a good seven miles and burned 750 calories so not bad.
We had one of my best friends and her family stay over last night for a takeaway and film night. We went for a dominoes

I tried to be healthy by adding salad but ended up eating half a pizza and a cookie too. I had some left over today I had one slice then painfully said goodbye. I don’t need it, dinner was this new muesli I’ve found!




Was delicious. Will review it another time as im waffling on now!

Has been a great week and I'm so blessed to have great friends and beautiful little family.
Thank you.