Today I decided to get really serious about weight lifting.
I’ve always been fairly strong but the thought of walking into a room full of men posing in the mirrors with weights judging me just freaks me right out. I’ve always wanted to try the machines and just about learned the leg press. Today I went in there took some tutorial plan from and just got on and did it. I leg pressed 150kg. Which is pretty good for a newbie I think! I did a whole body routine for an hour mixing it up with dumbbells, the weight bar and the kettle bells. I felt really good and confident and strong. Not intimidated at all. Weight lifting is the way forward for me. I’ve dropped the weight I needed to, now is the time for muscle shaping and toning.
If you get the time seriously pop along to they have everything fitness wise on there from lifting to losing weights. Really helpful for a newbie like me.

My breakfast was very full of protein. 4 egg whites, salmon and spinach. I’m trying to get up to 170grams of protein which is really quite hard.

I thought I had some tuna in the cupboard but discovered i actually didn’t so panicked on what to have for lunch but luckily found some mackerel fillets with tomato sauce to have. Not the cleanest as they came in sauce but still high protein. I had these on my low carb bread toasted with 25g of cheese, spinach and ten olives.

Dinner time was great. I love mince it’s probably second favourite to chicken breast and you can make lots of things out of it.


I cooked up mince in olive oil added some mixed chillies and mixed in some kidney beans. I used Veggetti courgette instead of pasta and also added some air fried aubergines In coconut oil. Was delicious and simple to make.
Snacks today were a protein pulsin bar which I have yet to write a review on but they are really yummy!
I get my pea protein made by them in the health store. I also tried a new thing flaxseed, cocoa and berries in a smoothie with the pea protein and almond milk.
I also had two rice cakes topped with almond butter. I love peanut butter but almond butter is just as lovely and slightly better for you.


This afternoon I did a quick arm workout I cannot for the life of me do more than three full push ups and tricep push-ups are so hard! I’ve had to do them on my step as I really can’t get that low like that. It will come though. I couldn’t even do one push up in the past. So I know if you persist then you can eventually achieve anything. Always be positive.
The journey is long and hard but 9 times out of 10 worth it.
Have a great start to the week

Aime. X