So Sunday night I joined as I previously said and I found a really good 12 week plan to stick to. Something that helps build muscle and also makes you lean. If you google the Jaime Eason 12 week live fit you will the amazing results from her programme. It’s free! Also comes with an eating plan for the whole twelve weeks. The only daunting thing is the amount of egg whites I’ve got to eat. Like ten a day! Protein is the main thing in your diet for this and a lot of chicken and turkey will be eaten too. Yesterday I made her turkey muffins!






All you do is mix all the ingredients oil the muffin pan and pop in the oven for 40 mins. Simple and quick. You will be eating a lot of these over the next month so good that it makes 18 a time. You should aim for them to be the size of a racket ball.

So here is my first day on the plans eating in photos.
Breakfast 5 scrambled egg whites, spinach and sweet potatoes.

Lunch was chicken breast with cous cous and some side salad.

Dinner was chicken and salmon with leeks and kale. My chosen carb was chickpeas.
You should have veggies, protein and carbs with every main meal. This programme encourages you to eat six times a day! Helps boost your metabolism.


This is the meal list for a typical day in phase one. There is three phases.
Phase one is purely muscle building and no cardio! πŸ™€ I love cardio, so I will still do some light cardio on my rest days and some yoga.
I hope this plan works as I’ve always wanted muscles. I think it personally looks great on a woman in moderation of course.

Arbonne products.
Yesterday I met my friend Emily to see some of her Arbonne products and take some home for testing. I chose some foundations and a primer to try. Some skin care products and baby and nutrition products. I’m already in love with the baby wash I’ve used on my poorly daughter. She spent yesterday and last night projectile vomiting, it’s horrible seeing your little one poorly and all you can do is offer comfort and love.

Here are just a few of Arbonne products in the range. Obviously once I’ve tried them for three days I will give an accurate review for everyone. I’m already loving the protein powder they do. It’s tasty and probably one of the cleanest and best on the market currently. I get through a lot of powder so I can see this being a firm favourite of mine.

I forgot to add the exercises I’ve done over the last few days. It’s all weight based

This was yesterday’s workout and
Down below was Mondays plan

Today is meant to be leg day for me but as I can’t get to the gym until later due to the poorly one so looking forward to this.


Have a great week
Aime. πŸ‘