I’m knackered. Today has been leg day. On top of the leg routine I do on the Jamie Eason programme I also decided that spinning was a good idea. Yes that’s right. Spinning on a leg day WTF!! My legs are truly knackered. I’ve been trying to cut my cardio as insisted on the plan but I do love my spinning and cardio too much to give it all up completely for a month!
These are the recent eats for the last couple of days









As well as my protein shakes and eggs I’ve been good on the protein side of things. Eating chicken and turkey can get boring but I mixed it up yesterday by having some lean mince.
The chocolate protein dessert was so lovely. I love chocolate and this sorted me right out!
I’ve also been sent out some lovely detox tea by the Pukka tea company. It tastes amazing!

I don’t believe the lose weight hype by drinking tea but this is really yummy and good for me so I will definitely go out and buy some when I’ve used them up.
Anyways I’m shattered and need a bath and some big brother in my life. How juicy is this season! Mental! So much drama.
Night all.
Aime. X