Herbal teas. I love them. I don’t drink fizzy and I don’t drink anything except water, herbal tea and occasional red wine. You can never have too many herbal teas.

What’s your collection like?
I have to say the Pukka Teas are by far my favourites. They sent me some detox teas and since then I’ve bought 3 different lots. The cleanse is refreshing but my favourite is the ginger. I love a bit of ginger tea. Always helps when I feel icky.

So this weekend I’ve been ill hence why I’ve been quiet on the blog.
Suffering from the period bloats too. Yep being a women sometimes sucks eggs. The one time I plan to go clubbing in town at the weekend and my monthly enemy decides to give me a visit and bloat the crap out of my body. The one time I really want to wear something figure hugging and that stupid period bloats me up like the Michelin tyre man! Thanks Mother Nature! Oh and to top it all off I have the mother of all spots erupting on the side of my chin. Just what every girl needs for a confidence booster. 😡👊

Anyways enough moaning on. This weeks weight workout has stepped up to two leg days and only 2 days rest. Still no cardio but I’m going spinning Wednesday because I love it!
I had a naughty weekend by scoffing lots of snacky foods like some chips and a brownie but hey I’m only human. We all need some time off?
Here’s the weekends eats









Today was leg day. I ate a few more carbs than normal to compensate but really need to crack down tomorrow. Get rid of the bloats wah!

Anyway I have a chance of a new job tomorrow so bed early and fingers crossed for me everyone. 🙂
Much love

Aime. Xx