I’m so sick of people fat shaming and obese bashing.
Yes many people are fat and obese in today’s society and it’s a problem when you have various health problems and yes you will live a shorter life but if that’s your choice and your happy being fat then just own it and be happy and fat.


Here it seems a lot of people have a lot of opinions and whilst that’s okay let’s not be mean and judgemental.
Yes she’s 27 stone but she does actually work out and works and so on so who are we to have a go at her making a living and what does us being mean achieve. Nothing. I suppose if you’ve got nothing nice to say just don’t say it.


I was a big girl. 21 stones I didn’t feel happy being that size and I certainly wasn’t healthy so I changed to improve my overall health and the way I felt about myself. This was my choice.
No amount of fat shaming helped. I came to the conclusion it just wasn’t making me happy and I was fed up with carrying extra weight I didn’t need and I hated being ill all the time.

If you’re fat and happy with okay health then who is anyone else to make you change! A change should be something you want to make not something you’ve been bullied into.

Just be you, whether your fat or thin and if you want help living a healthier lifestyle follow this blog for food tips and general rants!
It costs nothing to be nice and if it doesn’t affect you why bother being mean about it.

The worlds already got enough Katie Hopkins in it.

Be nice.

Aime. X