Food. I love it. I couldn’t do shake diets because I love my Food. Its what got me fat in the first place and it’s what also helped me slim down. Food is my drug of choice. It’s an addiction for me. Always will be. I am a food addict. Some people can eat to just fuel their bodies. I cannot. I love the excitement of eating and going out to eat. It is a hobby for me. I love nothing better than going out for a nice meal with my fiancée and choosing something yummy on the menu and I genuinely get excited about it coming. I will always have a weird relationship with food. It sometimes sucks because unlike normal addictions you need food to live. You cannot simply go with out food so I have had to learn to control my cravings, learn portion control and reeducate myself on nutrition in order to make food my friend not enemy, but I will always have a bad relationship with food.

I used to be a chocoholic. I use to crave it all the time. Demolishing a whole big chocolate bar was a normal thing for me. These days I only eat dark chocolate. 70% or upwards. You get used to the bitter taste after a while and I really enjoy as a treat now and then.

Crisps used to be a major thing for me too. Now I only eat tortilla corn chips and in moderation. It’s all about replacing the bad foods with better ones.

Cheese I love cheese. I’ve recently cut most cheese out my diet. I only eat cottage cheese now but it’s okay because I love cottage cheese.

Just swapping a few things can really help you reach your goals.

Here are my eats this week.



Still eating a lot of egg whites and yes it’s getting boring but I have to keep it up. Thinking of new ways to jazz them up at the moment. I’ve bought some rye bread so I have mashed avocado with scrambled egg whites for lunch or replace the eggs with tuna mixed with greek yogurt.




Been eating a lot of lean Turkey mince recently. Taco seasoning is a life saver for mixing with it taste wise. I always add some kidney beans and some courgettes to bulk it up.

A new breakfast I’ve started having is
Protein pancakes. I love them. Makes eating 5 egg whites a lot easier in the mornings.





For these I use my pea protein
Here’s the ingredients.

20g of Pea protein.
20g of PPB, powdered peanut butter.
100mls of almond milk
5 egg whites
Mix this all together to make a batter
Then cook like a normal pancake. Should make five decent sized ones.
I also add some greek yogurt and strawberries to make even more yummy.

Random photo of my cats paw she has a heart on it! Cute.

Anyways have a great day!

Aime. X