Whey protein.
I recently bought some whey protein isolate off the guys at http://www.feelfreenutrition.com
I opted for chocolate and it came the next day. Was tracked delivery and a really good price. Take a look. Anyway I’ve been on the Pulsin Pea Protein which tastes vile for a while and I like to switch it up so I opted for this. Whey isolate is meant to be kinder on your guts I’m told.
This was not the case for me.
My poor husband to be nearly had to reconsider his marriage proposal after the ungodly smells that followed the protein shakes. I couldn’t hold them back and couldn’t stop farting. Was so embarrassing in the gym running along having to take a spray in, just in case I accidentally let one slip.
So I’ve had to switch back to Pea protein for the time being and occasionally dip into the whey. Whilst the Pea isn’t nice tasting and the Whey chocolate was,its just not worth the smell and embarrassment so back to chugging dried powdered peas for me.
I hope I still get good gains! Does anyone know of any whey proteins that don’t make you fart worse than your fella? Let me know!

I honestly don’t know how these guys in the gym hold them in. 😬

Aime. X