I’m so happy today. I actually won something for once. I am so happy. As most of you know I’m getting married next month in Jamaica and I’ve always wanted long hair and the competition was a free fitting of hair extensions
by https://www.facebook.com/pages/Endless-Creation-Hair-Extensions/388384771292671

Please take a look at her page. Not only does she fit hair,she also has her own line of products for hair.
She is one of the most talented people with hair. The girls hair she has done in the past is incredible. I’m so excited. My hair never grows past a certain point so this is great for me. Will obviously show it off once it’s done. 👍

As my wedding gets closer, I’m getting more excited. I’ve upped my workouts on Jamie Eason and finally doing more cardio. I’m finally seeing results. My arms have definitely got more muscular and my chest. My legs feel firmer and I cannot wait to see how I look by my wedding. I’m trying my best nutrition wise so fingers crossed in four weeks time il be looking so much better. Until I get a tummy tuck I know my body will never be 100% but I will know I’ve worked my ass off to look as good as I can for my big day.

Went and bought the fabrics I needed yesterday for the dress I’m having made. I’ve never had something tailored to me before so I’m really pleased I went down this avenue. I was debating for ages which one to get so this saves all the hassle! We bought some satin and gorgeous white lace to go over the top. I might even have a veil made. I love lace. It always looks so classy on a dress.

Trying out a it works wrap for a lady for her video demo so will also let you know how that goes.
Has anyone tried one?

Leg day today, got spinning later, probably should of planned that better! 😂

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far.