So today was another good day. In exchange for being filmed I am being wrapped by a lovely lady Naomi,I get to sample her wraps, they are it works wraps and I’m having a course of four.
I’ve been very sceptical about these in the past and I hate quick weight loss methods, if it’s too good to be true….then it’s usually too good to be true!
I went with an open mind and a lot of excess skin. After two children and a ten stone weight loss under my belt my tummy looks like Freddie Krugars had a good go on it and no amount of exercise is going to help this poor abused kangaroo pouch skin. What do I have lose by trying this for free? But if I gain better skin it’s definitely a Brucey bonus.

That’s not me in the photo, but it’s pretty accurate.
Anyway I went to Naomi’s house and we talked a little bit about the product itself then she started filming and wrapped me.
Here is the link to the video of the wrapping, yes I look uncomfortable, I don’t like being on camera and was weary I’d have a double chin hence the weird face pose haha!
Here are the before and after photos. Bear in mind I was a little bloats this morning.



So this after 45 mins and 1 wrap. I have to say I’m impressed. Not just inch wise but skin wise. The skin is the most important thing to me not weight loss. I drank 1 glass of water whilst being wrapped and she has asked me to drink 5 pints a day at least, for maximum results after 72 hours. I’m also not to drink alcohol in this period. I really look forward to seeing more difference in my skin after 72 hours have passed.

Today I worked my arms and abs. I also did 90 mins mixed cardio. I like to watch Suits on Netflix whilst doing my cardio as staring blankly at the machine screen has got tedious. Suits is such a great series, watch it.

I made some Banana bread today with dark chocolate chips and it is amazing


For this I used

I didn’t have any coconut flour so I substituted oats that I had just blitzed with my food processor instead. I mixed some almond and peanut butter together too as I had run out of almond half way through.
I only used 3 bananas it was enough, 3 eggs and only half the amount of dark chocolate. It’s really yummy with a cup of herbal tea. 👍

Here are some of my eats this week so far.


We have been eating a lot of lean Turkey mince, vegetables and a few sweet potatoes. I even treated myself to a rye bread sandwich. I’ve been good with my egg whites this week and eaten them every morning and night. The high protein still gives me the most potent wind but it definitely keeps me fuller for longer…the protein not the farts.

My trainer is covering a spinning class tomorrow so I’ve agreed to go along for more punishment before doing my shoulder routine and then some more lovely cardio! Here’s to a high calorie burn tomorrow to start the weekend off.

Little baby girls birthday on Valentine’s Day so excited just finished wrapping her presents. She’s going to be 3. The best Valentine ever. She is just so precious and a bit of a diva, definitely takes after me 😉


Have a great start to the weekend my lovely readers and followers.

Aime. Xx

PS: 4 weeks until I get married!!!!!