What is a real woman? A real woman is whatever the hell you want it to be,
This to me is not a real woman

Yes they have fantastic bodies but let’s be real here a lot of us don’t look like this and also these models admit to being photo shopped and airbrushed to an inch of their lives. Sad isn’t it. Young girls and women and even men are being told this is normal. This is how you should look. The magazines encourage this look.
Cindy Crawford released a photo today of her without photo shop

Now that’s real. She’s 49 and even a super model has wobbly bits. She’s being completely honest and open and showing the world that it’s okay to get your wobbly bits out and she looks gorgeous. That to me is a real woman. Confidence is part of being a real woman.

Don’t buy into the magazines craze of being “Perfect” just be you, healthy and happy.

Aime. X