Today my youngest was 3. Little miss diva had a great time…






It’s sad to think that she is my last baby, but also happy because I don’t think I could handle another girl/diva!
I made her a little afternoon tea to share with her older sister and they went to the soft play area with friends for the day. I managed to keep on my calorie goal today but not mega clean.
I had a good breakfast of eggs,chicken sausage and a separate bowl of granola. For lunch we went to KFC…I know not the best place to eat clean but instead of a carby burger I opted for a zinger salad with extra popcorn chicken and for dinner I had a lovely steak, new potatoes and veggies. Snack wise I had a protein shake after workout and a slice of banana bread. Weekends are always the hardest to eat well. I always find myself wanting a little treat…..but wedding is four weeks away and I must be strict. ✋

Today I checked my stomach out. This 72 hours after my first wrap,


My partner said this morning that he could see a difference already so that’s always good. I feel also like the skin is slightly better. Here’s to the next three!

For Valentine’s Day my partner got me


Yes I’m a video game geek. I love Zelda games. I even have Link tattooed on my thigh. Anyone else a Legend of Zelda Fan? He also bought me a rose and some naughty treats.
He cooked me this for dinner tonight,

I don’t normally indulge in new potatoes but they were yummy and I am within my calorie limits. I did a big leg work out this morning and my glutes and thighs are really feeling it. Come on booty get tight. Please! 🙏

I’ve started to fear getting old and forehead lines have started appearing, this was never a problem when I was fat as my skin was stretched but now I’ve lost the weight I’m looking older. I tried a rehydrating mask I look like Mr napkin head haha.


Rest day tomorrow but I will either go for a walk or do some yoga. I like to keep active. I’ve run out of Suits on Netflix now so anyone got any suggestions for me?

Have a great weekend followers..

Aime. X