I’m all for good nutrition,helping others and motivating people but I still find it bizarre when people say they’re clean eating when they really aren’t. Surely before you post a status on how clean your lifestyle is you should probably of taken a moment to research the foundations of the food lifestyle you’re following right?

Exhibit A


No love that quiche you’ve bought from the supermarket isn’t clean, take a moment to look at the ingredients on the back. Unless your making it from scratch and its non processed it’s definitely not “clean eating”

Exhibit B

Nice bit of feta side salad is always good but hang on there…Garlic bread!? Jeez. Come on do your research. It’s really simple and easy. No processed foods. If there’s a lot things on the packaging you can’t pronounce or even know what it means it’s always best to avoid. Also if it comes in packaging some times that itself can be a dead give away.

Now it’s fine to eat clean mostly and have the odd cheat treat but please don’t tell others your following a clean lifestyle when you’re not. It’s misinforming people and making me 😡

Now I’m off to eat my eggs!

Aime, x